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Live and In Person! – Starlight Square’s outdoor theater in Cambridge Storyteller Doria Hughes

Boston, Massachusetts—by Dancer Reviews of Boston – Native Stotyteller Doria performs a single show on Halloween day at the Starlight Theatre

Storyteller Doria Hughes will be performing spooky and silly stories from around the world, in celebration of her favorite holiday – Hallowe’en!

Come in your favorite costume to compete in Starlight’s Hallowe’en Costume Contest!!

Free admission, please Venmo @Doria-Stories to tip your Storyteller!

Ever since I was a very small child Doria says, “I have read and loved stories of every kind. Now, I delight in sharing them with people of all ages–including adults! Dragons, warriors, queens, tricksters, thunder gods, and animals of every variety – these are the creatures who inhabit the stories I tell.”


Doria storytelling is full of sound effects: “if life doesn’t provide enough of them, than I will”  sayts Doria, Cows, turkeys, donkeys, giants, monkeys, babies, leprechauns…. you name it, she’ll make it come to life.

A Cambridge native and professional Storyteller, Doria creates individualized programs of folktales from around the world, for performance in classrooms, book stores, festivals, libraries and private parties.

Her dynamic style includes numerous sound effects and she uses her whole body to tell stories – audience participation encouraged!

Doria tells trickster tales and spooky tales from many different cultures. Her stories come from Nigeria, Japan, Ireland, Native America, Korea, Ghana, Scandinavia, France and many other marvelous places.

She also leads Storytelling workshops for elementary and middle schoolers, guiding them through storytelling games and activities, and coaching them to perform their own individualized and collaborative performance projects.

To learn more about “Doria the Storyteller”, and explore her web site and learn more about her show at the Starlight Square’s outdoor theater in Cambridge for some spooctacular seasonal entertainment on Halloween day!

Anyone who wants to learn more about Presenting Organization: Central Square BID at the can contact Boston Dance Reviews for more information.

They can also visit their official website to see current and previous reviews as well as to find out how and where to book tickets.

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